Virtual CTO

We can help you with all technology-related services, acting as your virtual CTO. These services can cover technology decisions beyond design and programming, such as architectural advice, integration advice, managing billing and accounting systems, assisting with security and privacy certifications, and more. We can also help you with vetting and hiring a full-time in-house CTO, once you grow large enough to require one.

Application Design / Build

We can assist you with designing and building custom applications when off the shelf software does not meet your needs or is too expensive. We understand the principles and processes of fast, high quality software design and build. To us, this means using small highly skilled teams rather than throwing programming bodies at a project. Commodity programmers cannot or will not understand your business requirements, and without a continual focus on your business needs, the end result will not be satisfactory. In addition, we are adamant on following best practices in software design, including effective use of version control systems, the best development and collaboration tools, self-documenting configurable code, and modular / re-usable components.

System Implementations / Project Management

We specialize in project management for small to medium technology implementations. We use small, focused teams of highly skilled managers and technologists who are fully familiar with North American business practices and culture, can communicate clearly, and most importantly understand that technology implementations are only successful when the business needs of the client organization are addressed throughout the project. Our system implementations are done by high quality resources and not with commodity programmers.

Proposal / RFP Coordination

We can assist you with managing proposals or RFPs. Our team can coordinate and drive the effort so that your leadership and subject matter experts can focus on strategy, decision making and content creation. We have provided these services on several pursuits, including to a global consulting firm.